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Mazal Tov!

Or: Things That Rhyme With You (Sort Of)

A poem written for a friend's birthday. I'm happy it went down well. I was prepared to run, just in case...

* * * * * * * * * *

Jax! I wrote a poem for you-ish!
Just for you, a friend that's new-ish
There's just the one, no more, not two-ish
Though even that's quite "overdo"-ish

She's a star, that much true-ish
The crouton in this choral stew-ish
So, a strange ingredient, but hey, what's new-ish
In this her varied peer review-ish

With Jax, I say, once more unto-ish
The beach (it's got a better view-ish)
But if we go, I do hereto-ish
Wish to raise as now taboo-ish
The phrase "Of Glory" that you tattoo-ish
Such that some more "Of"s can accrue-ish

Her snacks are vaguely Scooby Doo-ish
Choc-o-blocks you can't out-do-ish
Much like her, although, in lieu-ish
Of the cocoa is "WooHoo!"-ish
Crazy smiling: not subdue-ish
Seriously, there's quite a slew-ish
Of this Yabba-dabba-doo-ish
Plain ecstatic residue-ish
Like Asian villains' Fu Manchu-ish
Our Jax has grins up the wahzoo-ish

Now, sort-of, not-quite choir-crew-ish
There is one word I know you knew-ish
Knew I'd say, before adieu-ish
And now I come upon that cue-ish

One fact shines from this tableau-ish
Of all things one sings out so true-ish
Defines her framework through and through-ish
A fact, in fact, one must construe-ish
As going some way to imbue-ish
Our Jax with her iconic hue-ish
A fact so BMW-ish
Much more Google than Yahoo-ish
De Klerk, Mandela and Tutu-ish
A trait that I just can't eschew-ish
Can't avoid in this Haiku-ish
Can't but help but must pursue-ish
Now, on your birthday rhyme's debut-ish
At this here Maris rendezvouz-ish
That it's a fact that hitherto-ish
Has sidled by this poem's purview-ish

So, pray, oh motley retinue-ish
Up your glass and down your brew-ish
As I salute, with no more ado-ish
The fact that Jackie Maris is ... twenty two-ish

Happy birthday

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