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One Day in the Future

I was asked to write a poem to be said at the Matric valedictory instead of the traditional (and therefore kinda boring) private memories followed by the awkward, off-key singing of some or other sentimental oh-how-I'll-miss-you-all song. I did. 

And yet for a reason which is to this day is unable to persuade me that it is reasonable, they decided against doing it. Pity, I thought. So I tried to get it into the 2006 year-book. But, alas, again did some obscure excuse clouded in various utterances of "It wasn't *my* idea not to put it in - I personally enjoyed it - speak to " prevent one of the few poems that I've ever tried to write with a bit of a serious edge from seeing the light of day. At least, the light of day through someone else's eyes other than my own, that is.

So here, barring any York officials hacking into my profile and deleting every word I've written, I'm dropping the bomb that is my tribute to the Matrics of York High School 2006, deemed inappropriate for youthful eyes and ears. The poem, that is, not the matrics. Although that's debatable:

* * * * * * * * * *

One day in the future, the cars, they will fly
There'll be no more McDonalds, Mugabe will die
The Dollar will weaken and we'll strengthen the Rand
And they'll set Afrikaans papers that we'll all understand

The kids will behave, French women will shave
The grass will be greener on George Bush's grave
But that isn't now, nor in so short a time
For that's in our future, your future and mine

Once day in the future, we'll get a free lunch
There'll be a cure for cancer - heck, there'll be a whole bunch
Petrol will cheapen, Bafana Bafana will win
And we'll make a clone of Sean Connery, so he can be James Bond again

More people will joke, fewer will smoke
And P.W. will pay for the window they broke
But that day isn't now, and the path there is slow
And it's steep and each one of us has a long way to go

One day in the future, it shall be seen
That Jesus and Allah are both on the same team
They will ban all soap operas, there'll be food for us all
And Michael Skofield will rock our socks off in Prison Break 4

The world will change tack, we'll have bellbottoms back
They'll make iPods so small that they'll play only one track
But, yet again, that isn't today
It's the future, and we both have to make it that way

But one day in the future, when I'm breathing my last
I'll see the colours of the present don't beat the colours of the past
I'll remember the things that I never forgot
Just didn't really get a chance to think of a lot

My heart will awake to the bonds that don't break
That we all are conjoined by each breath that we take
And although past and future can not be the same
One day in the future, we'll all meet once again

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