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How and Who and Why are You?

My Entrepreneurial Strategies course required me to write a Learning Log - be it an essay, poem, song, kabuki presentation - showing what I feel I've learnt over the semester. For better or worse, here it is. Dr. Seuss, I'm sorry.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is a story about what a Who is
Of which piece is the world’s, and which pieces are his
There are questions within, and I’ll ask you a few
About what makes a Who, and how Who-ish are you

Not too far past the valley of There Have I Been
And dead straight through the jungles of These Have I Seen
High up over the rockies of Things I Can Do
Is a badly-drawn sign asking Stop, Now Where To?

Now, this place isn’t pretty, all agreed to a Who
There are no natural riches and barely a view
But as well as the name “Wonderempty” might fit
There was nowhere more heavily crowded than it

It was packed full of people, from ceiling to floor
And, where walls could bend outwards, was packed in some more
Each Who from each home would at some point present
For no business nor pleasure – but to see what it meant

See, they flocked to the sign for its sizeable size
Stretching higher than trees and much wider than eyes
And each day, week and month, both in ones and in twos
The post’s pressing puzzle was perused by the Who’s

They followed its arrows, which moved all by themselves
They scanned the horizon, they peaked behind shelves
And though no one would solve it, they never stood still
For if one thing is Who-ish, it’s mystery thrill

Now, don’t tell a soul, but I lied just before
There are some Who’s who solved it, and there will be more
But the way they succeeded, that’s the interesting part
For they did, but they didn’t – let’s restart at the start

The first to succeed, Colonel Sanderson Who
Noticed hundreds of hungering Who’s needing chew
So he lowered his spyglass and raised up a hen
Building restaurants and fortunes, again and again

After this came Who Hilton, a pampered young child
Who missed all his luxuries, here in the wild
So he FedEx’ed his mattress and swapped in his tent
Rinse/repeat for Who-ever, for minimal rent

Next Who’s Disney and Ford, seeing gaps to filled
In both freedom of movement and time to be killed,
Gave solutions to problems no Who knew they had
But they made their quest simpler, which wasn’t so bad

This list of successes, a thousand names long
Shows all Who’s who got the sign’s puzzle “all wrong”
They stopped in their hunting, packed up and went home,
Stopped looking for answers; made some of their own

They saw that the sign doesn’t point to a track
Or the secret to life, or a gold Cadillac
It just asks you to think, or at least just to start
See what the world needs, and what you can impart

The money will come, but it’s not about banks
It’s about seeing what’s needed, and filling the blanks
And with Cove-Who’s few habits to give you a clue
Just one question remains, and that’s: which Who are you?

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