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Mister Tiddlywinks

They call that there man Mister Tiddlywinks
And no one dare fathom what Tiddlywinks thinks
For in his bulletproof armour Tiddlywinks has no chinks
And Neat, it is said, is what Tiddlywinks drinks

They call him a man, Mister Tiddlywinks
Any villain at the mention of Tiddlywinks shrinks
Yet the law, too, be caught in the Tiddlywinks jinks
For his deeds, be they done, have not to Tiddlywinks links

They call him the Mastermind Tiddlywinks
The mind of a master, the Tiddlywinks sphinx
There’s no need to iron out, when Tiddlywinks has no kinks
For none can Tiddle Winks … as can Tiddlywinks…

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