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Forever Unfinished and Untitled

A poem designed never to end, except for when I can't be bothered to come up with the next section. If anyone wants to add a section, you're more than welcome to - if I like it, and it fits the senselessly strict format, I'll add it. Gotta love delegation.

* * * * * * * * * *

“My grundleplank is missing!”
Said the peasant to his wife
“It was here when I went fishing,
Now it’s gone! Oh woe! Oh strife!”

Said his wife, “Oh heart, my dear!
Oh darling of my life!
We must search from there to here!
Try under the dog”

So beneath the faithful hound
You won’t believe what they had found
A candlestick
A miner’s pick
Twelve euros and a pound

Thus search they did, up high, down low
The peasant, wife and dog in tow

“My grundleplank has gone away!”
Said the peasant to his lord
“Until it’s found I cannot pay
For rent or jam or bord!”

Said knightly lord, “You flinty skin,
You skinty flin,” (he was bored)
“I’ll help you look, without, within,
Hello little dog”

And so throughout the town
They hunted up and hunted down
And all they got
Was a fondue pot
And something strangely brown

So on they went, man, wife and mutt
And knight, just for the hell of it

“My grundleplank! It isn’t there!”
Said the peasant to his king
“I’ve looked around and everywhere
And under everything!”

Said his king, “Ah! Ooh! Oh no!
Can’t you see I’m showering?
Your story is alarming though
What a cute doggie”

So all round the fortress tall
The set up cameras in the hall
They sacked the keep
And frisked the sheep
And questioned one and all

But, no they did not find one thing
And on went man, wife, dog, knight, king

“My grundleplank has vanished!”
Said the peasant to bartender
“And the questing’s made me famished
Are you a hotdog vendor?”

Said barkeep, “Oh, you luckless sod
You shan’t find what you seek
Unless you have this snargleclod
Your dog is drooling”

“This snargleclod I hold
Will find lost grundleplanks, I’m told
But wait, there’s more
It cleans the floor
And turns plumbers into gold”

So on man, wife, dog, knight, king trod
And barkeep, with his snargleclod.

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